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Winslow – Thinking Of You (Full EP)
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00:00 – 04:56 – Winslow – Thinking Of You (feat. T.R.A.C.)
04:57 – 10:20 – Winslow – Disappointment Riddim
10:23 – 15:20 – Winslow – GreenGreyBlue
15:22 – 20:22 – Winslow – Slapbox Funk (feat. PRSPKTV)

The sensationally slick soulful drum & bass master Winslow is back with a brand new EP hot off the press, and it’s clear he makes his music just how he likes his tea – rich, hearty and not by using a kettle… ‘Thinking Of You’ is an all-encompassing four-track release with stateside sprinklings of hip-hop, jazz and soul influences. With this EP being some of his strongest creative output to date, Winslow continues to make his mark following on from the successes of previous releases including his ‘Breaking News’ and ‘Sandalwood Nights’ EPs, as well as a solid scattering of singles including ‘Midwest Shuffle’ on the ‘Forza Horizon 5: Hospital Soundtrack’ LP and ‘Bop & Weave’ on Lens’ ‘Hospital Mixtape’.

EP title track ‘Thinking Of You’ sees Winslow team up with fellow US-based artist and legendary microphone controller T.R.A.C to cook up another sublime hip-hop infused drum & bass masterpiece. T.R.A.C’s Brooklyn-style flows and witty wordplay align perfectly with Winslow’s soulful sample selection and rumbling basslines. Once again the American allstar duo create another corker after previously linking up on the widely acclaimed ‘Breaking News’ which dropped earlier this year.

Stepping into the deeper realms of drum and bass, ‘Disappointment Riddim’ certainly doesn’t live up to its title. Further affirming the tea connoisseur’s ability to effortlessly switch up his style whilst remaining true to the funk and soul permeated Winslow sound, expect a carefully crafted amalgamation of old-school soul samples, tight-knit drum work and a deep, deadly bassline.

‘GreenGreyBlue’ is a window into Winslow’s more emotive side, with delicate piano flutterings, stripped-back percussion and his very own warped vocals. This stunner of a track will leave you confident in Winslow’s responsibility of teaching the next generation of musicians when he’s not in the studio himself…

Teaming up with London-based producer and long-time friend PRSPKTV, ‘Slapbox Funk’ is an undeniably vibey dancefloor cut to shake things around for the final track of the EP. Straight out the gate with thumping four to the floor kick drums and eerie atmospherics, this high-energy skipper will leave you with your hands on your hips begging for a breather in the rave.

Spending a chunk of his 2022 summer in the UK, Winslow has made his DJ debut across a variety of iconic venues including Studio 338 and Lloyd’s Ampitheatre in Bristol. You’ll also be able to catch him at Hospitality Weekend In The Woods in September. When he’s not producing the finest drum & bass or tearing up clubs & festivals, you can find Winslow creating unique content including vlogs, DJ mixes and topic discussions over on his Youtube and Patreon channels.

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