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Directed by AOA
Produced by Mathematic
Executive Producer: Guillaume Marien & Hadi Dahrouge
Producer: Jeremy Dumetre
Art Director / VFX Supervisor: Guillaume Cottet
C4D Artist: Benjamin Saurine, Colin Toupe, Sylvain Gaussens & Yann Mallard
Modeling Artist: Louise Grardel & Benoit Touroude
Editor: Andreas Arvidsson
Colorist: Nicke Jacobsson
Sound Designer: Anton Ahlberg
Voiceover: L’Tanya Cubit (aka Victoria’s mom aka Mommy Monét, the best in the whole world!)
Choreography: Kiira Harper
Pre-Animation Makeup: Grace Pae
Additional 3D: Oscar Böckerman
WGT artist + mgmt: Sofia Misgena & Therése Misgena
Lookdev Artist: François Rimasson
Lighting Artist: Stephane Rogeon
Rig Artist: Christophe Petit
Animation Artist: Fred Boulin & Christophe Petit
Muscle Artist: Tristan Cordeboeuf
Compositing Artist: Maeva Sol, Cedric Lenepveu, Laurent Launes, Fabien Husselin, Alexandre Marlier, Fabrice Lagayette & Alexander Sebag
Creative Director: VYLIT
Artist Management: Rachelle Jean-Louis

Special thanks to Platoon, Human Engine Studios & every hand that had a part in creating this insane visual during a crazy time!