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The Next Dimension – 3D Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom (MMY3D)
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Something a little different today! This video is a collaboration with fractal artist Yann Lby. This video projects the 2D Mandelbrot fractal into 3D using the iteration data for the vertical axis. It is rendered with Yann’s own software MMY3D. Make sure you check out his amazing collection of 3D fractal zooms.

Please take the time to subscribe to Yann’s channel, he has some great fractal content there (and tell him I sent you).

Patreon Note: This video is not available for download on Patreon, because it contains the work of another artist.

Rendered in 4k, from 8k data frames (at 30fps). The final magnification of this zoom is beyond e1000.

More of Yann’s work:

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