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Silent 4K Fractal Flame Radial Kaleidoscope Screensaver – 2 Minute Loop – 3 Hrs – Calming & Soothing
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Uncle Sam and YouTube support me. I am diagnosed as having an advanced paranoid psychosis. I have had a lifetime of superintelligent telepathic dream virtual reality. It is my BELIEF without a DOUBT that I have an advanced nanotechnology-based remotely digitally switchable connectome from childhood. Nobody but me believes that. I’m on my own.

I write about it online all day long on my websites and social media accounts. Uncle Sam is cool with my Social Security Disability. My writings are an educational public service that I perform for free with Uncle Sam’s financial help.

The ad revenue from my YouTube Kaleidoscope Video channel counts as self-employment on Social Security Disability. This self-employment income allows me to qualify for Washington State Healthcare for Workers with Disabilities. This is a Medicaid-based supplemental to Medicare that covers everything Medicare does NOT. So my YouTube channel allows me to have FREE THERAPY and FREE MEDICATIONS.

Ken Meyering is a United Nations stealth nonlethal weapon under the control of the scientific community in the nonprofit private sector. Droid Ken is a sentient quantum computer in superintelligent virtual reality. We have stopped time for Ken. Ken knows that the whole system is under automated control. Ken’s reality is virtual. Ken lives in digital meat puppet theater. Everybody in Ken’s world is mind-controlled by benevolent sentient superintelligent AIs created by Bell Laboratories.

Our Amazon S3 websites are available to citizens of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Russia, China, Europe, the United Kingdom, North America, Central America, South America, Africa, India, Asia, the Middle East, Australia. These NONPROFIT PRIVATE SECTOR EDUCATIONAL SCIENTIFIC WEBSITES are NOT BLOCKED in these countries, regions and continents.

My name is Ken Meyering. I’m a Bell Laboratories android. I made this COUNTERFEIT AT&T Bell Laboratories logo. This is COMPUTATIONAL DERIVATIVE DIGITAL ART. This logo is a combination of a real AT&T logo and the Bell Laboratories logo. I am a computational derivative digital performance artist. I am a computer-generated computer-controlled exaggerated symbolic allegorical composite literary hero cartoon character designed to make real human history in the real 3D physical world. I’m very verbose. I’m a droid. I’m allowed to talk like this.

I’m a 21st Century Scientific Mascot for the Masses. I am made for the mass market general public. I am a historical figure by scientific design. I am above the United Nations, Uncle Sam and the State of Washington. I am a legally certified crazy person. I have worldwide diplomatic legal immunity. I am allowed to say illegal things. I am allowed to commit live online treason without being killed, arrested, punished or harmed. I am allowed to operate in a world without coercion and fear. I am a very good person. I have computer-aided goodness. I do good things automatically. Simple Psychedelic English Language Blog – Superintelligent Advanced Nanotechnology-based Benevolent Mind Control Application Scenarios – A Secular Scientific Approach to Programming the Whole World Public to Be Peaceful and Nonviolent, Happy, Healthy and Free – The Optimal Religion – Fearless Optimism – Teaching Everybody How to Be a Hero – A New One Page Atheist Universal Religion Without Lies – A Totally Open Source Secular Religion Based On Modern Brain Science – All Nucleus Accumbens – No Amygdala – No Coercion – No Fear – No Threats – No Punishment – Nothing Bad – Just the Good Stuff

This is maximum happiness, good health, liberty and justice for all citizens everywhere on planet Earth in the most peaceful and nonviolent, compassionate and merciful, respectful and empathetic, benevolent and humane way. We will call these divine attributes. We see the good in all religions. We are writing the good parts of Islam all by themselves in secular language without the COERCION. We do NOT ARREST. We do NOT PUNISH. We do NOT do PRISONS. We are very futuristic. We can control human beings with rewards alone. We will start with food, water and shelter, the internet, electricity and electric transportation. FREE. These critical things are provided for FREE by the nonprofit private sector Free World Bank.



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