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Fox Stevenson – Get Through (Official Audio)
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Fox Stevenson – Get Through (Official Audio)
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Get Through lyrics:
What is this
What have we found
The circles that I run in seem so lonely now
Todays a gift, somehow
Still I’m running round this town to pin it down.

So I keep holding my pace
Through impossible days
The void keeps calling my name
It’s the only way
Get through

Heavy head
With the Light feet
Cuz when you’re moving differently you don’t compete
All the gods are dead
So why should we kneel?
Tell me what our idols ever did for me with

Caring just for clout
Don’t you feel a bit
Commodified and froze out
Performative concern’s the concern now
Just Something to be seen talking about
No doubt

It’s a miracle
that it’s here I stand
But honestly I’m just over all the affectation man
Yeah I guess I am
I think I’d like to stay that way though if I can

Artwork & animation by Yue → ❤️


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