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dBridge – The Question
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The Gemini Principle (CD Format) 

The debut album from D Bridge is finally upon us. After well over 10 years of producing as part of Future Forces and the legendary Bad Company, dBridge hits us with his highly anticipated solo album, The Gemini Principle. Having proved himself as a talented solo artist with a wave of solo releases and remixes on labels such as Metalheadz, Soul:R, Creative Source, Quarantine, Shogun Audio, Liquid V and Bingo to name a few, d Bridge is releasing The Gemini Principle on his homegrown imprint, Exit Records. If your familiar with the sounds of d Bridge then you will know to expect the unexpected. By releasing The Gemini Principle on his own label, d Bridge has given himself the opportunity to speak his musical mind, honestly, personally and uncensored. Representing the boundary pushing and non formatted sound that was more popular in the mid to late nineties, and giving it the 2008 treatment, the only pigeon hole this album goes into is labelled MUSIC. His experimental and unique style is stretched to the limits as he takes the listener on a journey through the sounds capes he has created. Rugged basslines, moving chords and melodies layered with intricate drum tracks and sound fx give you the pure essence of this music we call Drum & Bass in the form of a refreshing and inspiring album. He has also followed in his brother’s (Steve Spacek/Blackpocket) footsteps and added his own vocals to a few of the tracks which bring a very intimate and distinctive sound to the album. dBridge is also proud to include 2 collaborations with equally inspiring and hugely talented artists, Calibre and Instra:mental. Both tracks bring flavours that compliment dBridges solo material and fit well into the tracklist to give you a varied album and the highest quality listening pleasure.

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