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Archaic Revival – Parallel V3 [OPUL004]
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Artist: Archaic Revival
Title: Depth Control EP
Label: Opulse
Catalogue: OPUL004
Format: Digital
Genre: Electronic
Style: Acid / Techno
Release date: Aug 14, 2017

01 – Parallel V1
02 – Parallel V2
03 – Parallel V3

Hailing from the Techno Capital in South America, Medellín Colombia we present to you „Archaic Revival” a young talented Techno producer who’s been making some noise with his quality outputs in the last year.

This reference it’s a 3 cuts EP where you can travel from Dubed synthy atmospheres to solid straight techno beats.

#medellinstyle #archaicrevival #techno #gmid #freedom #opulse #acid

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