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Quickly becoming one of the most iconic duos in drum & bass, Whiney & Inja join forces on ‘Game Face (Stay Alert)’ providing an unmissable sonic showdown which combines the sounds of both of their signature styles. The essence of the song touches upon the global situation which has impacted each and every one of us as Inja’s wordplay transcends into the realms of bass music, turning gloomy government guidelines into something we can all enjoy. The pandemic has hit hard for artists and the music industry as a whole, but if one thing is for certain you can count on Whiney & Inja to supply positive vibes where they’re needed the most. Whenever these two link up it’s a guaranteed banger inbound, and ‘Game Face (Stay Alert)’ is no exception…

Bringing their underground flare to the forefront of drum & bass, disjointed sample cuts oozed with eeriness and the instantly recognisable snippets of Inja’s vocals put things in order for Whiney & Inja to lay down a bass-ridden slammer infused with lyricism more relevant to now than ever. Mangled basslines, tight-knit percussion and Inja’s unrivalled flow are concrete evidence as to why this pair have earnt the respect of the masses.

This isn’t the first time Whiney & Inja have joined forces and it certainly won’t be the last. Successes of their previous drum & bass anthems include ‘Flashlight’ which soon became one of the scene’s most sought after dubs championed by Randall, ‘She Just Wanna Dance’ which conveyed the powerful message of one of the many struggles womxn face when simply trying to enjoy themselves to the music they love, ultimately leading to a spoken word performance from Inja in the Huffington Post, and ‘Be My Cure’ which was originally released on Sick Music 2019 but still dishes out damage to this day. The dynamic duo’s relationship extends past the studio and onto the stage, with the pair also tearing up the likes of leading drum & bass festivals such as Hospitality On The Beach with Inja’s ‘Fully Fuelled Flex’ live sets.

Production Manager / Designer – Simon George
Lighting – Olly Barry
Video – Kane Sargent
Crew – Afghan John and Bahy El Cool
Duncan Lewis – Videographer
Lewis at Spincity Visiuals – Editor
Special thanks to Iain Rendle at Wave Co Productions LTD and Toby McKnight at Laser Grafix

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