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Benny Page, Origin8a & Propa – Shine On (Hardcore Energy) ℹ️
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A true anthem in every sense of the word, Garage House record ‘Shine On’ by Degree’s In Motion originally released in 1992 absolutely blew up the clubs & a subsequent re-release in 1994 even had the track hit the top 10 of the UK charts. Since then has been a dancefloor classic the world over. Dons of the hardcore breakbeat scene Origin8a & Propa team up again with jungle royalty Benny Page to produce a full throttle ravey jungle banger utilising the classic vocal. This version has been smashing the raves all summer long in the clubs and festivals up & down the country. from Boomtown to XOYO. Out now in all stores ℹ️

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Hardcore Energy ⤵️

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